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Nice Catch !

Nice Catch !

Black Bear, Ursus americanus.
Despite their name, Black Bears can range in color from black to dark red or brown and can even be a lighter tan in certain areas. They have short thick fur covering their heavily built body and have a pointed muzzle, small eyes and larger and more pointed ears than their Brown Bear relatives. Along with being a great deal smaller, there are a number of other notable differences between the two species including the Black Bear lacking the distinctive shoulder hump of their larger cousins. They also have shorter legs and claws which makes the Black Bear a much more agile climber than the Brown Bear. Like all bear species though, the Black Bear has an excellent sense of smell which is used to detect food and less developed hearing and sight, due to their relatively small ears and eyes.
This young Black Bear just snagged another "Pinkie" for some additional nutrition. If the salmon run is plentiful enough the bear can be somewhat picky about what it will eat of the salmon. The bear will drop the salmon on the ground, step on its stomach, forcing the roe out whereupon the bear enjoys some "pinkie" caviar. Valdez, Alaska.