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Stellar Sleepover...

Stellar Sleepover...

Stellar Sea Lion, Otariidae.
Today there are seven different species of sea lion found in waters around the world, These are the Steller sea lion which is also known as the northern sea lion as it is found in the North Pacific Ocean, and the Steller sea lion is the largest sea lion species.
The sea lion generally lives in coastal areas where there is a good food supply and land close by for the sea lion to have a rest from swimming and hunting in the water. The sea lion has 4 flippers which the sea lion is able to turn around when on solid ground, allowing the sea lion to walk on land.
Stellar Sea Lions are noisy, odoriferous, and constantly jostling for position. What a perfect place for "king of the hill." These seals are located in Kenai Fjords National Park, near Seward, Alaska.